Elizabeth Peyton, Andy Warhol: Icons and Idols

June 2 - July 15, 2011

Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn), 1967 screenprint on paper, 36 x 36 inches
Edition of 250

Elizabeth Peyton, Prince William and Prince Harry
2000, color lithograph 24 x 19 inches
Edition of 350

Senior & Shopmaker Gallery is pleased to present Elizabeth Peyton, Andy Warhol: Icons and Idols, an exhibition of prints that showcase the artists’ divergent approaches to portraiture. Playing upon our culture’s fascination with celebrity, both artists chronicle ever-shifting definitions of beauty and sexuality, success and vulnerability, and the blurring of public and private domains. Featured are Warhol’s iconic turquoise Marilyn Monroe, 1967, and dazzling portrait of a young Elizabeth Taylor (Liz) from 1964, as well as Peyton’s fluid, idealized portraits of pop stars Eminem and Sid Vicious, artist Robert Mapplethorpe, and a young John F. Kennedy, Jr., among other personal idols.


While both artists adhere to the use of photographs, their fundamental approaches differ widely. The photographic source, often publicity photos or headshots, remains visible as the underlying form in Warhol’s portraits, while for Peyton the photo, following its compositional contribution, is deliberately obscured. Peyton looks for more candid records of her subject’s intimate inner life, while Warhol’s subjects are consumer products, depicted with depersonalized colors, and flat and off-register silkscreen printing techniques. Peyton may share Warhol’s fascination with beauty and star quality, but her pictorial affinities are less Hollywood glam than English aestheticism, with its tradition of portraiture reaching back to the late 18th century. Like her paintings, Peyton’s prints merge the subjective beauty and individuality of her subjects with the formal characteristics and exquisite expressive potentials of etching, lithography, and ukiyo-e woodcut.


For further information, please contact Betsy Senior or Laurence Shopmaker, at 212-213-6767 or gallery@seniorandshopmaker.com.